reimagined book covers, no.1

Well, I guess I have another project going, he-he!

(Sometimes) when you're an artist or creative-type, part of loving something is putting it into your media or through your own lense – reimagining the original artist's work as a way to pay homage to hx/him/her.

I have just finished book one in George RR Martin's very popular book series, "A Song of Ice and Fire" and am waiting patiently for the next one to arrive in the mail. As I finish each book, I'll do a cover.

I plan keep the spines void of text and just have the symbol represent the particular book in the series.

The cover art for the mass-market paperback edition features the hilt of a sword. I wanted to keep the sword theme, but also wanted to have a deeper meaning and sort of a subliminal message in the image... Since the title of the entire series includes the word "Ice" which also happens to be Eddard's sword's name - I chose to outline that particular image [I used an image of the sword from the HBO show and simplified it to its bare essentials for recognition].

If you have read the books, you know what happens with Eddard's sword, Ice , and why using this image (while simple and minimalistic), it can kick you right in the heart. That's what I felt when making it and, not to be mean, but I hope you get that same pain when looking at it, too!

The text from the back is not my own; from HERE

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